Friday, 20 November 2015

Here's to new

New. My favorite three lettered word. A part of me wants to say it's every girl's favorite word but that may be a bit derogatory ( whether it's true or not is a discussion for another day. Side note; it's true. Tsk tsk)
I like new things that come from old things. Recycled is the fancy word for it. I like to keep it poetic. New old things. That old pair of jeans you fashionably did a little ripping to here and there giving it a whole new look; that sofa set whose covers you took off and replaced...I have a long list of new old things in my life and I bet you do too. Note: the one thing that should not be new old are exes. Leave those in the old pile and stamp them with the 'hazardous sign'.
Today's blog post is for me to introduce to you something new old to me. A former blog. It will be the blog address that I will be using from now on. Even though this is simply a redirection blog, I will still note that teenage pregnancy needs to be stopped! Hopefully one day it will also be in our old pile, stamped with 'harzadous'.
Here is the new blog site.

See you there soon.

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