Saturday, 26 July 2014

Men and nipples....

Whilst in the middle of watching one of the most well put together series that I have ever come across, the character stuffed with wit asked a question that genuinely seemed to perturb her mind. ‘Why do men have nipples?’ Somehow, this query resurfaced as the boyfriend and I drove around town. I looked to him, playfully curious to hear his answer, and wore the same face miss witty wore the night before and asked, child likely, ‘have you ever wondered why men have nipples?’ his eyes were obviously too busy trying to figure out a way to dodge the jam ahead, so he thought it was something I had probably been pondering on for way too long. As if to offer refreshment to my tired mind he said, ‘well, men are women’…he went on to give some scientific backing about how before the cells divide fully to form the genitalia, both the boy and the girl develop exactly alike or something to that effect…I was too busy thinking on this new found gold to pay any attention. Men are women. Calm down. This post is not some rant about equality or gender differences. This is me simply stating that men are women. Think about it. No, really think about it….and when you are done, feel free to offer suggestions on why you think men have nipples…go ahead and write a blog about it even. BUT while you google answers and add that question to some pre rehearsed trivia you would like to bring up as jest to the table of slurred speeches and unnecessarily loud laughter, remember, boy or girl ,woman or man, we are all ONE. Woman formed from man’s rib, man formed in woman’s womb. HUMAN. The egg and chicken cycle is running itself tired from people trying to find out which came first or which is more important instead of focusing on the fact that both of those make for amazing ingredients!

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  1. That is too scientific, how about this,...God wanted to pass all the beautiful things that man had to woman plus a lot more(Woman = Man + More).....nipples just happened to be one of those small things....on a perfect art piece that stand out when they shouldn't be.