Saturday, 26 July 2014


We all have those days. Those, ‘I wish the world did not exist’ days. Those ‘please do not talk to me, I really really do not want to be bothered or even noticed today’ days. In a world where attention is a subtle high horse we all subconsciously seek to ride, we all have that one day when we wish the invisibility cloak was not a thing only created in an overly imaginative mind. Well, for most of us ladies, those days come more times in a year than we hope for…well, let’s be clearer, they come monthly. And some times, those days bring with them a brother or two to make you wish there was a way you could disappear twice .(I use ‘brother’ because for some reason, the main cause or target of our well-armed arsenals on those days are usually the opposite sex. If only there was such a thing as a ‘get a clue dude’ button you could press on their faces so they would quietly walk away when all you want to do is cuddle your teddy and watch that predictable telenovella in silence…or if they would buy chocolate and stack it up for those red winter days. yes honey, there is a likelihood that I will cry over nothing if we start talking about anything so please please let our language be chocolate!)
I have seen a couple of guys go through days like those. (luckily without the chocolate! Wait, do guys even like chocolate???) Some psychologists and relationship counselors tend to refer to this as guys recoiling into their ‘man cave’. I won’t lie; to this day, I still think that that is an overrated phenomenon…wait, phenomenon would make it seem as if it were something strange. Every guy I have ever known does it so let’s just refer to it as an overrated excuse. Well, I am a woman. And I would be lying if I told you I have the slightest idea how a guy feels when he wants nothing more than to recoil into a mental illusion of his primeval days. And as much as I would love to hold the mantle and speak for every human being born with enough estrogen to be biologically declared as a woman, I would be justly doing my gender an injustice by claiming to know exactly what every woman goes through.

All I know right now is I am definitely having one of those days. I know, i just wrote an entire page on menstruation and most of you didn’t even notice it. Well, clearly dysmenorrhea and everything that it brings is not enough to remind us every month that we are not pregnant(or sometimes that we missed our chance to be by a day or two) we have to have an overwhelming amount of depressing hormones added on to the mix! You know what’s weird though? I still love being a woman. Complexity never felt so beautiful…or looked so beautiful either…(I am fighting the urge to add a smiley face…what has language come to?!?!)

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